She tip toed from in between the mass of asleep, drunk bodies sprawled across the floor. Her head throbbed as she reached out from the patio to the dew stained grass, her heels in her hands.

She paved her way in the thin, soft grass that caressed her bare feet and lay on a patch away from humans, aware of the short black dress that clung her petite frame. The sky was a pinkish hue. It wasn’t morning just yet, but the birds had gotten up and were chirping, ready for their day to begin.

The small drops of water on the grass made their way into her long wavy brown hair and the throbbing in her head felt much better. Her muscles, which felt sore from last night, finally relaxed. She thought about Jackson and his fleeting touches that made her heart beat faster and a smile traced her lips.

Light winds closed her eyes and the birds hummed her a lullaby. She felt much better now and she learned the cure for a hangover.



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